Gallivanters Field Craft

Being interactive outdoors and in nature has huge benefits on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Designed to be both a pony trek area and a wild(ish) place for energetic youngsters and stressed adults wanting to connect with the outdoors, Gallivanters Field Craft is a bit of a forest school, as well as a bush-craft and do-your-own-thing area.

Plus it's a place to complete Pony Club country, animal, camping, carpentry, den-building, survival and fire badges.

Gallivanters Field Craft Days

10:00 - 16:00

All welcome from 16 to 4 year old.

Price: £75 per child

Animal Care - July: 12; August: 2, 23

We used to live with animals - now they are often strangers to us but we are hard-wired to be wit them, and they bring us balance, joy, a great sense of living in the present - as well as good immune systems. Children naturally gravitate towards animals and appreciate how dependent they are on us.

This will be a busy day of looking after our 2 baby goats, 3 chickens, 12 dogs and 30 ponies & horses. Children will return home with a sense of confidence, self-esteem, increased sense of responsibility and purpose - and love for the animals that have been in their care all day.

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Fire & Wood - July: 19; August: 9, 30

We are natural builders but our practical skills are on the wane. A top professor of a London Engineering college, backed by a famous architect, has commented that young people arrive at 18 having done no construction for 10 whole years after a good early childhood of Lego blocks. Sizing up natural materials, drawing up plans, choosing the right physical dimensions, working in a team - all these practical manual skills are vital.

A day at Gallivanters Field Craft will give all children confidence in planning, fixing and working with the physical materials of the natural world.

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Tree & Garden Magic - July: 26; August: 16; September: 6

Getting dirty and being free in the outdoors is every child's right and duty! Children are taught now about ecosystems and bio-diversity but these ideas can stay largely in the classroom.

At Gallivanters Field Craft we join all the ideas together and see how all parts of the eco-system work together biologically, with a little bit of theory and a lot of practice. Expect soil study, beetle safaris, planting and teamwork.

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