Q: Will my lesson go ahead if it's raining?
A: Riding is an all-weather sport and horses need exercise so we will aim to run all lessons in any weather. If we need to make any changes to your lesson, we will contact you in advance of your lesson.

Q: Can I cancel my lesson if I am not feeling well?
A: We operate a strict 48 hours rescheduling policy so whilst you cannot cancel your lesson, you can reschedule up to 48 hours in advance. As we would already have a horse and instructor arranged for you 48 hours ahead of your lesson, if you reschedule within 48 hours of your lesson, the payment is non-refundable.

Q: How do I change the date/time of my lesson online?
A: Please look out for your booking confirmation email received when booking your lesson and if you scroll down through the body of the email, you will come across a maroon button called "Change/Cancel Appointment". Click on this button and it will take you to the calendar showing alternative dates for your lesson where you can complete your move process. However, please note that due to our 48 hour rescheduling policy, you are only able to amend appointments online up to 48 hours ahead of your lesson.

Q: Is there a maximum weight?
Our horses can carry riders up to 13st/85kg.

Q: Can I book a 1 hour ride if I've never ridden with you before?
Please do not book a 1 hour ride if you've never ridden with us before or if you haven't got confirmation from one of our instructors that you are ready for 1 hour long lessons. Your lesson will be reduced to a half hour lesson and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Q: What do you recommend for someone without much riding experience?
You should join one of our Start To Ride group lessons at the weekends. For adults, we also have Starting Line group lessons on Thursday. No need for an assessment.

Q: How do I know my child is making progress?
A: We are keen to see children progress through the riding ability levels. You should ask your child's coach ahead of a lesson to do an assessment on readiness to move to the next level and/or the 3 things your child needs to focus on to step up.

Q: What if my child wants to be in a group with the same children every week?
A: One option to book semi-private lessons (up to 4 children) during the week. Alternatively, you can close the group (up to 5 children) for a specific group lesson scheduled at the weekend by using packages and booking 10 weeks in advance.

Q: Can I have the same instructor for my group lessons?
A: Whilst we aim to have the same instructor for specific groups to ensure progress, we cannot always guarantee the same instructor will be available due to holiday or any other absences.

Q: Do you still run group lessons during high COVID alert level?
A: People from different households can still gather in groups larger than 6 for organised outdoor sport and licensed outdoor physical activity, so we will continue to run group lessons. We ask all clients to keep social distancing, wear masks in the club house, check in using the official NHS COVID-19 app and wash/sanitise hands as and when necessary.

Q: Can children under 4 come and see the horses? Do you organise any activities for them?
A: We have a regular Peek-at-Ponies in our calendar on Thursdays at 1.30pm. Our grooms will show the families around, let them stroke chosen ponies, talk about ponies and tack, show toddlers how to sit on a saddle. We also offer 10-minute yard rides bookable on the day depending on availability. You will also have the option to add on a half hour barn storytelling session at checkout.

Q: Do I need to book if I want to volunteer?
A: You do not need to book if you would like to volunteer to help out in the riding school/stables but you do need to have completed a Riding School Volunteer session with us recently. Mondays we are closed to clients but the Yard is very much open and the horses need the same amount of attention as any other day. So if you are serious about becoming a helper, then Mondays (8am-3pm) are the best days to come and join the Yard team to continue your training without any clients around. We are most in need of helpers at weekends and during half term holidays and we run a helper rewards scheme.

Q: Can I come and pick up any horse manure from you?
A: You are welcome to come and pick up horse manure from us for free during opening hours. You can collect it from the car park area - bring your own spade and bags! If you would also like to collect some of our garden compost, then check out this page for details.