Lessons & Prices

Riding Lessons:
Group Lessons (1/2hr) - £28 per child
Group Lessons (1hr) - £45 per child; £48 per adult
Private Lessons (1/2hr) - £46 per child; £47 per adult
Private Lessons (1hr) - £56 per child; £59 per adult

Friends & Family:
Semi-Private Lessons (1/2hr) - £42 per child; £44 per adult
Semi-Private Lessons (1hr) - £52 per child; £55 per adult

Half & Half (1/2hr ride + 1/2hr stable management):
Private - £50 pp
Group (up to 4) - £43 pp
Group (5/6 group) - £40 pp

Buy 5 lessons, get the 6th lesson half price OR buy 10 lessons, get the 11th lesson free.

Special Packages:
We can put together bespoke packages for actors and refreshers adults (intensive courses or otherwise), special needs children, home education students, Duke of Edinburgh and other work experience, BHS qualifications (theory & practice), corporate events and birthdays

Riding is a risk sport - Riding holds a potential danger and all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. 
Payment – Advance payment is required to confirm a booking. We accept all credit cards apart from American Express and we can take payment over the phone during office hours.
Weight limit – Our horses can carry a maximum of 13st/85kg.
On arrival – Clients are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their lesson. Please report to Reception whether you come as a visitor or a rider. We welcome all visitors whether accompanying a rider or wanting to have a look around the yard.
Clothing – For your comfort and safety, we recommend you wear jodhpurs, jeans or trousers, a top with sleeves and boots/shoes with a bit of a heel (no trainers).
Riding hats – Hats to current standards (PAS 015 – 1998 or 2011; VG1 01.040) must be worn and securely fastened at all times when mounted.
Leading fee – If one of our helpers leads your horse/pony during the lesson, then please remember to pay them a leading fee: £1/half hour and £2/hour.
Requesting horses/ponies – Please understand that it is impossible for us to always mount riders on their preferred horse/pony. For riders to improve their ability, they must ride a selection of horses/ponies recommended by the instructor.
48 hours cancellation policy – Please remember to cancel your lesson at least 48 hours beforehand. Full fee is charged for all no-shows or late cancellations of less than 48 hours.

Group Lessons Format:

CB (Child Beginners) 1/2hr - Group calls with leader. For beginners over the age of four. Learn the basic walk, trot and steering. Children fun and games included.

CB1 1hr - Learn to improve the walk, sitting and rising trot, understand the feel of the canter, as well as school movements and exercises. All on lead rein.

CB2 1hr - Walk, trot and canter in a balanced manner with and without stirrups. Learn how to ride in open order. Understand the trotting diagonals. Learn the light and jumping position. Complete course with light jumping.

CB3 1hr - Ride experienced horses and ponies. Work in open order. Understand correct canter lead. Jumping small courses.

CB4 1hr - Walk, trot, canter with and without stirrups. Jumping a more technical course, learning lateral work and working on improving the horse's way of going. Must be able to ride and type of horse given.

CI (Child Intermediate) 1hr - Open order at more advanced level. Jumping, grid work and technical courses. Ride leg-yield. Work a horse into a contact and shoulder in/turn on the forehand. Please note from January 2019 we will no longer have a CI group.

AB (Adult Beginner) 1hr - An adult class with leader for all beginners or those out of practice. Learn the basics, including rising and sitting trot.

AB1 & AB2 1hr - Walk, trot and canter with and without stirrups, lateral work and jumping. Riding more advanced horses. Open order.

Stage 1 & Stage 2 1hr - A BHS recognised qualification open to all riders over the age of 14. Walk, trot and canter and understanding stable and equine management.

The timings of our weekend group lessons will change from January, 2019. Please see below for details. These require advance booking as they are getting booked up quickly. We are also adding group lessons in the evenings during the week as follows:

Tuesday - 18:00-19:00 CB2 development group with Tilia
Thursday - 18:30-19:30 CB4 with Sandy
Friday - 17:00-18:00, CB3 development group & 18:00-19:00 CB4, both with Gemma

Weekend Group Lessons