Lessons & Prices

Riding Lessons:
Group Lessons (1/2hr) - £33 per child

Group Lessons (1hr) - £49 per child; £51 per adult
Private Lessons (1/2hr) - £51 per child; £52 per adult
Private Lessons (1hr) - £65 per child; £67 per adult

Friends & Family:
Semi-Private Lessons (1/2hr) - £92 for 2 riders; £138 for 3 riders; £172 for 4 riders

Semi-Private Lessons (1hr) - £122 for 2 riders; £167 for 3 riders; £215 for 4 riders

And if you'd like to add a 1/2hr stable management to your lesson, you can do so when booking online for an additional £15.

Please do not book a 1 hour private/semi-private lesson if you've never ridden with us before or if you haven't got confirmation from one of our instructors that you are ready for 1 hour long private lessons. Your lesson will be reduced to a half hour lesson and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Discounts with Term Packages:
Take advantage of this package to get a 10% discount on your lesson bookings!

These can be bought as vouchers which are non-refundable. Term Packages are valid for 6 months but please make a note of the expiry date of your package. We recommend you use it to book in as soon as possible (bookings are opened approx. 6 months in advance).

Special Packages:
We can put together bespoke packages for actors and refreshers adults (intensive courses or otherwise), special needs children, home education students, Duke of Edinburgh and other work experience, BHS qualifications (theory & practice), corporate events and birthdays

Riding is a risk sport - Riding holds a potential danger and all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. 
Payment – Advance payment is required to confirm a booking. We accept all credit cards and payment can be made online at the time of booking.
Weight limit – Our horses can carry a maximum of 13st/85kg.
On arrival – Clients are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their lesson. Please report to Reception whether you come as a visitor or a rider. We welcome all visitors whether accompanying a rider or wanting to have a look around the yard.
Clothing – For your comfort and safety, we recommend you wear jodhpurs, jeans or trousers, a top with sleeves and for riding you need boots/shoes with a bit of a heel. Trainers are fine in the yard but not for riding. We have hats and boots in a range of sizes available to hire for a £2 fee.
Riding hats – Hats to current standards (PAS 015 – 1998 or 2011; VG1 01.040) must be worn and securely fastened at all times when mounted.
Leading fee – If one of our helpers leads your horse/pony during the lesson, then please remember to pay them a leading fee: £2/half hour and £3/hour.
Requesting horses/ponies – Please understand that it is impossible for us to always mount riders on their preferred horse/pony. For riders to improve their ability, they must ride a selection of horses/ponies recommended by the instructor.
48 hours rescheduling policy – Please remember to reschedule your lesson at least 48 hours beforehand. Full fee is charged for all no-shows or cancellations as all bookings are non-refundable.

All riders need to be registered before enjoying their first lesson with us:

New Rider Registration Form