Gallivanters Wood & Earth Open Air Collect

You can order, pay and schedule a collection time/date using the buttons below. The collection point is in our open air car park area. If you would like to place or discuss an order with us over the phone, please call us on 07393 880522.

You are welcome to come and pick up horse manure for free during opening hours – bring your own spade and bags.

Summer Garden Compost

Special Online Offer (3 bags at £45) – Order & Select Your Collection Date & Time HERE

Ealing Riding School is bringing forward a limited source of screened organic matter compost.  Made from 80% degraded wood chip and 20% seasoned horse manure, it is peat free and slow release nutrient rich.

Good for garden vegetables, hungry plants, general topsoil use, containers and patios.

The compost is LIMITED STOCK and available on “Click & Collect” from Friday 24th April to Friday May 22nd.  Only 500  “blue bags” of 15kg each for £15 per bag are available for purchase online. Pay-by-phone is also available – call 07393 880522.

Collect pick up is from our car park between 10am and 5pm on your chosen day (7 days a week).

10 bags+ are available for free delivery within a 2 mile radius.  Delivery quote available on request for farther addresses – call 07393 880522 for a quote.

(As always fresh horse manure is free at point of pickup with own bags and spade).

BBQ Firewood & Kindling

20kg bag @ £20 – Order and Select your Collection Date & Time HERE

The success of cooking food over wood and charcoal depends on the fuel.  We use hardwood firewood mini-logs, sustainably sourced from our site, then seasoned and air dried for an excellent bed of embers. British beech/ oak/ ash.  Each wood has a different heat and smoke profile so we make sure each bag is a good mix. Sold in 20 kilo onion net bags, ideal for storage.


1kg bag @ £10 – Order and Select your Collection Date and Time HERE

A natural fertiliser, and magical for flowers, vegetables, and herbaceous plans.  A very light  sprinkling of good hardwood ash is all that’s needed to return potash to the soil.  Potash is a major source of potassium which supports root growth and fruit-bearing.

Wood logs for outdoor and indoor use
(sitting/table; 30-60cm height)

£25 each log – Order and Select your Collection Date and Time HERE

For indoor or outdoor use, natural hewn logs bring a rustic and authentic look to surroundings.  Can be used as garden sitting furniture or coffee/ side tables indoors.