Jobs & Volunteering

We welcome applications from volunteers and staff for the following positions:

  • part/full time instructor
  • groom
  • yard staff
  • helpers
  • front desk customer support

We are currently recruiting for part/full time instructors and part/full time stable hands/groom.

Please contact us via email ( or phone (02089923808).

Riding School Volunteer Induction & Safety Training - every Friday 17:00-18:00

Helpers and volunteers for the riding school (minimum 10 of age) will need to register with us and attend a short induction course which takes place on Fridays from 17:00 until 18:00 covering key safety points about horses and working in a yard. Attendance at the induction course is compulsory and is charged at £25 per person.

You can book and pay for your Induction training session using the link below:

Book Your Volunteer Induction Training HERE

Plus every Thursday (4.30pm to 6pm) there is a Fast Track Training for helpers in the 3 challenges of becoming a junior helper - tacking & untacking, professional leading and getting a rider with girth and stirrups.

You need to have attended a Volunteer Induction Training session before booking into any of the Fast Track sessions. Attendance at these sessions is £8 per session.

Book Your Fast Track Leading Training

Book Your Fast Track Tacking Up Training

Book Your Fast Track Getting Riders On Training

We are introducing a new Riding Reward Scheme for all our helpers. You can collect a stamp on your Riding Reward card for any full day help at weekends (9am to 4pm) or during an activity day (10am to 4pm) such as Pony days or Gallivanters days. 6 stamps will give you a free lesson in a group lesson of your level.

Volunteering as a helper at Ealing Riding School is done at your own risk and you must be able to work independently. All helpers should wear navy (near navy) clothes when volunteering.

Helpers under 12 can volunteer for maximum half a day and helpers under 14 until 4pm only.

We encourage our volunteers to take riding lessons to get a better understanding of horse and rider needs and challenges.

We have three levels of helpers as follows:

  1. Starter Helper - attended one Volunteer Induction session; will get leading money; comes to learn & make friends
  2. Junior Helper - qualified by a coach and works within the team; been with us for 3+ months and/or attended the 3 Fast Track Training sessions; included in our reward scheme (1 lesson for 6 full weekend days), gets leading money and extras for parties, pony ride work
  3. Senior Helper - 14+ years; has been a Junior Helper for 2+ years; gets paid expenses and subsistence allowance; leads shifts in stables, conducts stable bonding and exercises horse.

Mondays we are closed to clients but the Yard is very much open and the horses need the same amount of attention as any other day. So if you are serious about becoming a helper, then Mondays (8am-3pm) are good days to come and join the Yard team to continue your training without any clients around.

Gallivanters Volunteering - every day 15:00-16:00

We are welcoming helpers and volunteers of minimum 10 years old to clear, develop and maintain our Gallivanters Grove area as we transform it into a community space for children of all ages to enjoy.

A brief induction to any new volunteers takes place at 3pm every day.

Please bring your own hand sanitiser, refreshments and tools if you can.

Book Your Volunteering Session Here