Group Lessons


CB (Child Beginners) 1/2hr - Group calls with leader. For beginners over the age of four. Learn the basic walk, trot and steering. Children fun and games included.

CB1 1hr - Learn to improve the walk, sitting and rising trot, understand the feel of the canter, as well as school movements and exercises. All on lead rein.

CB2 1hr - Walk, trot and canter in a balanced manner with and without stirrups. Learn how to ride in open order. Understand the trotting diagonals. Learn the light and jumping position. Complete course with light jumping.

CB3 1hr - Ride experienced horses and ponies. Work in open order. Understand correct canter lead. Jumping small courses.

CB4 1hr - Walk, trot, canter with and without stirrups. Jumping a more technical course, learning lateral work and working on improving the horse's way of going. Must be able to ride and type of horse given.

CI (Child Intermediate) 1hr - Open order at more advanced level. Jumping, grid work and technical courses. Ride leg-yield. Work a horse into a contact and shoulder in/turn on the forehand. Please note from January 2019 we will no longer have a CI group.

AB (Adult Beginner) 1hr - An adult class with leader for all beginners or those out of practice. Learn the basics, including rising and sitting trot.

AB1 & AB2 1hr - Walk, trot and canter with and without stirrups, lateral work and jumping. Riding more advanced horses. Open order.

Stage 1 & Stage 2 1hr - A BHS recognised qualification open to all riders over the age of 14. Walk, trot and canter and understanding stable and equine management.

Weekday lessons:

We are adding group lessons in the evenings during the week as follows:

Tuesday - 18:00-19:00 CB2 development group with Tilia
Thursday - 18:30-19:30 CB4 with Sandy
Friday - 17:00-18:00, CB3 development group & 18:00-19:00 CB4, both with Gemma

Weekend lessons:

These require advance booking as they are getting booked up quickly.

Weekend Group Lessons