ERS Summer Show – 29 August


3-4 guests allowed with each entry. The Gallivanters Stable Meadow will be open between 12pm to 3pm for family picnic lunches

Inhand Classes (£12 each)
Inhand Classes (£12 each)

Put yourself to the test: How well can you present your horse and yourself and how much effort are you ready to put in?

Class 1: Best Turned Out

Class 2: Prettiest Mare

Class 3: Handsomest Gelding

Class 4: Veteran (15+)

Class 5: Best Trick

Class 6: Judges Choice

Jumping Classes (£18 each)
Jumping Classes (£18 each)

How high can you jump?
Can you navigate our jumping course?

Class 7: X pole class (CB2 and AB1 only)

Class 8: Mini course (fences from 50cm-65cm)(20 entries max)

Class 9: Summer Favourite (fences from 70-85cm) (CB4 only)

Class 10: Chase me Charlie (Entry by permission only for safety reasons)