ERS Summer Show – 25 August


3-4 guests allowed with each entry.

The Gallivanters Stable Meadow will be open between 11am to 2pm with Dotty and the goats welcoming everybody along. Parents and children are invited to take part in tug of war, walk the plank across the pond, sack race, wood whittling and archery as well as a BBQ between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.
There will be a St Mungo's charity collection upon entry to the Gallivanters Stable Meadow (suggested donation: £5).

Inhand Classes (£14 each)
Inhand Classes (£14 each)

Put yourself to the test: How well can you present your horse and yourself and how much effort are you ready to put in?

Class 1: Prettiest Mare

Class 2: Handsomest Gelding

Class 3: Judges Choice

Class 4: Best Handler

The judges will also look out for the most competent leader for a special prize.

Jumping Classes (£19 each)
Jumping Classes (£19 each)

How high can you jump?
Can you navigate our jumping course?

Class 1: 20cm pole class (CB1 and AB1 only)

Class 2: 30-40cm pole class (CB2 only)

Class 3: 50-60cm pole class (CB3 & AB2 only)

Class 4: 70-80cm pole class (CB4 only)

Plus for the first time at our Summer Show, we're opening up a
Horse & Hound competition!

When entering you need one person who will ride and one person who will handle a dog. There will be a course of jumps, half will be jumped by the horse and rider the other half will then be jumped by the dog and the handler.

Horse and Hound
Horse and Hound